Frequently Asked Questions

Will you have designated driver tickets?

This year Hoptober Freshtival has decided to forgo designated driver tickets. We found too many people trying to cheat the DD ticket system which creates the wrong type of environment for our event… plus it’s totally lame! To remedy this we have FREE admission to make the event available to everyone. We will be selling tokens for beer samples both online and once inside the event.

Can I bring my child?

While minors are allowed into the event, the environment of the event itself caters to people who are 21+.

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately no, dogs are not allowed at Hoptober Freshtival. The event environment can be loud with a lot going on. The noise, crowds, and excitement in the air can be scary for your dog. Add hot pavement and little shade to the equation, and you’ve got a recipe for a canine bummer.

How many drink tickets come with my admission?

This year we offer FREE ADMISSION and will have token packages available for purchase at our tent.

Do you take cards?

We will be able to take cards at the token tent, however cash is king and always quicker. If you don’t want to wait in line we recommend grabbing some cash before coming to the event. The nearest ATM is located in the parking structure across from the movie theatre at BODO.

Can I bike?

HECK YEAH! We encourage it!  If you check in your bike with one of our volunteers at our premium bike parking we will give you an extra drink ticket as a thank you for using green transportation.

What has changed from last year?

The fact that we can actually have a brewfest (eh hem…2020). With that said, masks required for entry with additional: Proof of Vaccine or Negative Test within the last 48hours. 

Still got questions? Feel free to email